Monday, March 3, 2014

El milagro del Perdon... y fe! 24 de febrero


 hey, this week was so sick!

Okay, thankfully, first off, i don't have a parasite. Yeah, Monday night, i felt like i had company... possibly a prasite, and Im happy to say, that NO! I didnt have a parasite! It was maybe just too many pupusas we made. I'm good now!

   So we had the goal of finding 20new investigadoes this week. Let me just tell you that last week we found 2, the week before, 4, the week beofre 7, the week before that, 5. So 20 was a huge goal. Well, we found 14 nuevoes! I am so happy. I fulfilled a bunch of our other weekly goals. This area is tough, but with faith, Dad, we conquered!

   Im reading el milagro del perdon, and it is AMAZING! okay, heres a part i relly like. Kimball says:

juzgo yo que cualquier hombre o mujer puede hacer mas para ponerse de conformidad con las leyes de Dios en un ano en esta vida, que lo que pudiera hacer en diez anos dspues de muerto. El espiritu solo puede arrepentirse y cambiar, y entonces tiene que efectuarse la batalla con la crne mas adelante. Es mucho mas facil vencer y servir al Senor cuando los dos, la carne asi como el espiritu, estan integrados en uno.

   WOW! Thanks Spencer W. Kimball! this book is really awesome. If you haven't finished the Book of Mormon yet, FINISH IT! Then re read New Testament... and tehn read, The Miracle of Perdon.

   Hey Dad, remember Gentlemen Broncos? Well, remember how it had the song Winds of Change in the movie and that part where they'e on reindeers in the street? Well, i was crossing the street and there was nobody aboutside, and it was hot, and dusty, and the wind was blowing. Well, everything looked brown and boring, and this guy started playing the song winds of change, and they were so serious (like they could even understand the song), and I just couldnt help but laugh. I love that lame movie so much. anyway, i looked around in slow motion kind of like Benji in the mocve. I know, im a nerd, i just couldnt help but think of you, Brandon, Grant, and the Tousleys. That movie is tan chistoso.

  anyway, heres a pic of the mountin side and the view of the capital. Its not a good pic of the whole capital, but the lady with the wood on her back just makes it puro chapin!

heres a pic of my comp and i when we had to wait in a bus for like an hour in the blazing hot sun. the thing here is that EVERYONE is late in guatemala, sorry... fashionably late (con ropa tipica) we were really tired

Anyway, i love you Dad!

Keep going!


Hermana Ramramramirez!

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