Monday, August 25, 2014

Mom, pops, this week was sweet. i just figured i'd warn you

i feel like i am converting myself more and more everyday. 

We visited an inactive member and her famiy. we met her husband, who is not a member. they love us, the whole family. the husband drinks, and he feels bad about it, and he almost cried telling us about why he drinks. they dont have much income, and the wife(member) is sick and needs an operation. they put the goal to pray as a family, and they are doing it!

hey, i realized i don't have time. 
im so bad at writing you like i used to. im sorry. i'll write a letter and send it!

i love the Lord. I feel like this week has helped me to grow more and more. I love to contact peolpe, i feel likei am fulfilling my purpose at a missionary when i street contact. 

Take care. Please read alma 36. 

i know Christ lives, and i know this because I see His hands in my life. 
hermana Ramirez

Monday, August 4, 2014

Climb Every Mountain

Mom and Pop,
 let me tell you of the adventure we had last pday! We climbed a mountain! WE went with our district to climb a mountain in Palencia! I was so gorgeous! It took us forever to climb up that darn thing, but it was so worth it. vale la pena, de verdad. it was at an incline of probablyabout 55-60 degrees. it was a bit tough because we were going for a while. we also got a bit lost, but we asked for help, and luckily we werent taken captive. a bunch of lost gringos... we were fine. we passed these little girls who lived up there, and i asked to take a picture of them, and they let me. there are these little pueblos up there, and it looks like something out of a movie, of these little farms stuck up in a mountain. 

the most interesting part was coming down the mountain. well, all of us nine missionaries were coming down and one of the hermanas fell. she busted up the leg super bad, to the point where she is still using crutches right now. she cant go out and work, and its sad. we got home late.

sorry, i ran out of time!
 Hermana Ramirez