Monday, March 24, 2014

Blessings, blessings, blessings for all!

Hey Pops,
  I think all these elderes here are thinking that i am going to die. I read your letter, and o man, I can't believe that you're going to the Temple this Saturday! En las palabras de lo que Elder Gonzalez medijo que yo debo decirte "quiero papi, estoy muy orgullosa de it." El le manda felicitaciones!
  This week! wow, i learned a lot. I'll be honest, it was a little rough. I felt a little sick thursday and friday, and I got a letter just in time. I received a letter from Hermana Hutchins, (mi hija!) who i trained in Puerto Barrios. She is one of the best people i have been privelaged to know. Also, i believe she has a blog... anyway, she wrote me about a month ago, and i just got the two letters. anyway, they helped me a ton. I wont go totally into why, its one of those things ill telly ou after the mission, but for the record... I am feeling more love for my companion. I have lreaned that people are products of their environment until they decide to change themselves (good or bad).
This is something that was like... no duh, but i really understood it more. I lived away from you and Mom for a while in Rexburg, and so i grew away a bit. I learned about other people and how thay are. I also feel like i wasnt inthe house much when i did live at home. With church activities and sercives, friends, running, work, ect. i wasnt at home all the time. i learned how i can be who i wanted to be. I am grateful for that time because i learned a lot. For those that have never lived away from home, and always were guided by their parents, probably havent been giventhe same opportunity. Dad, I feel liek people liek that are usually just like their parents, unless they choose to willingly be different than them. I have found more love for my companion and her family. I am grateful for the fact that Mom always showed her love for us. I am happy that i have been able to become likeher now. I am grateful for that because when I feel unloved or forgotten, thats okay. People are products of their envrionments and the mission is a place to grow. Anyway, i love the Lord!
   I have kept reading Revelation, and i rememebred how much i used to have fear for the Second Coming of Christ. I remember how i used to feel from the way we were taught, before we came to know the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I used to be afraid, and as i was reading revelation, i coudlnt help but think about why i should or shouldnt have fear now. I just thought about how i know if i am "saved" or not. I am proud to say that I have been baptized by someone who holds the Priesthood authority of God. I continue to work to live my life in accordance with the commandments of God. I remeber the Lord and His sacrifice by renewing the covenants I had made by participando en la santa cena. I know i am not perfect, and i have many faults, but i have faith in the Lord and i try to follow His ways so that i can return to Him at the last day. I know the Book of Mormon is true because it testifies of Christ and His gospel.  Anyway, i know the Lord provides a way for us to return to Him, and I know He has sent me here to share this knowledge con la gente de Guatemala. I am so grateful.
   We have been very blessed to have been able a poner dos fechas bautismales con dos hijas de Dios este semana pasada. Pues, ayer... anoche, las pusimos. One of the girls is nine, and the other girl is 15. theyre not from the same famiy or anything like that. anyway, we feel so blessed. Sometimes i lose faith. Its true, i dont always thinks about it either. But when I fail to invite people to be baptized by someone who holds the priesthood authority of God, wehn I fail to invite people to make covenants with God and be washed of their sins, i am disrespecting this sacred calling that I have. About two weeks ago, Elder Ochoa came to visit us and told us to not be afraid to invite people to be baptized. anyway, i figured, that when i fail to invite, i am denying my testimony of baptism, and i am disrespecting my calling here as a missionary. Well, i got over my temor, and i... poped the question. Now we have two sisters that are going to be baptized. We are working and praying that they continue to prepare for this day.
   Are you inviting Elder Higbee or Fragiacomo to go to the Temple with you this Saturday? Tell the missionaries there if you want them to come!
  I love you dad!
Keep working!
With love,
 Hermana Ramirez
here is a view from our house. i tried to do the panoramic pic, but im... confused. anyway, yeah!

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