Monday, March 3, 2014

yeah, it´s march

Hey Pops!
  so, i cant remember too much, so that means im gonna ramble.
i got some christmas cards fromthe ward last week, it brought the christmas spirit back, until i read some young woman wrote Ï LOVE TACOS and i thought... hmm, i wish i could find some good tacos here in guate. yeah, i love tacos too.
   Hey, when is the Temple in Connecticut going to be finished. (this compu doesnt have question marks) i woudl love to hear that you and mom go to the dedication.
     we had stake conference here, and our awesome investigador came! she brought us in her... CAR!!!!!! it was sweet! I loved stake conference because el Hno.Fajardo dio cincho a todos los miembros porque ellso no nosayudan mucho con encontrando. fue tan chilero! Pues, conferencia de estaca fue muy espiritual! yo aprendi mucho!
   Hey, we had a zone conference with President Watts and Hermana Watts usually bring cookies or cinnamon rolls she makes. but, thats just a gluten fest. so she bought me chocolate Chex! I was so happy!
   Hey, so we teach english here, well, i teach english to the kiddies or beginners, and another sister teaches advanced. I first was frustrated teaching english, but i had to say, i really love it now! I love it! I teach mostly children, but its awesome! i am getting so into it, i bring candy, and i am incorporating church materials into the lessons! I had them leanring I am a Child of God in ingles. es bien chilero, estoy muy feliz ensenandoles.
   So i am curious if you know an elder fatheringham. a sister here said hes serving in the mission there NYNY North.
    We celebrated Elder Sepeda´s birthday! Its was cool! We made pupusas! yes, i have become a really good pupusa maker ! Seriously, my comp (from San Salvador) taught me... well i just watched. Anyway, now she laughs because im like an expert, its pretty cool. its nice to hear that im pilas a haciendo pupusas.
    HEY! POPS! Can you find out some info about fafsa and pell grants for school. I hope you get that show onthe road because i want to study when i get back. Hey, look into some utah state stuff for me, and their business programme and chinese. Im kind of interested in going there. not sure why, but send me some info please onthe school and the grants and fafsa.
    Hey, im reading the miracle of forgivness and its still blowing my mind. I really love that book.
    Dad, sorry that i was a major brat before my mission. Well, more when i was like 13 and 14. anyway, Even in college i was a brat. i think about how i was... even with guys... still a brat, yeah. i was a brat sometimes, sorry. SORRY WORLD. I promise, ill come back better. I realized i was a brat with peoplei really loved, i just didnt want to express how i felt all the time.
    I was thinking about how mormoni visited Joseph, and its was normal profeta stuff, because every Profeta in history in la biblia, passed the authority down, from the past profeta to the following profeta. anyway, it was cool, i love to just think about stuff like that.
    Hey, when you go to the Temple, please get grandma Luisas Endowment card, i lef tit there, and i really want it back! Its filed under Ramirez. Thanks. Hey, i totally want to go do some Temple work with you when i get back. Lets do that!
    Keep reading the scriptures Dad! Keep praying as a family! i know things things are important because these things are the basics!

Take care!
 Hermana Ramirez

the pics are of pupusas and hermana Watts and I!

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