Monday, June 23, 2014

yep, the week

  it was a pretty good... maybe mas o menos, type of week. there were ups, there were downs, i laughed, i cried. okay, bit that intense.. anyway, it was a week.

We said goodbye to president and hermana watts. it was rough. i love them so much. we had their farewell this last tuesday. we had it with zona alameda, atlántico, y ... i don't remember the other zona, who cares anyway. we sang to them as a district (6 companionships) and hermana watts started to cry. it is like saying goodbye to your parents, but they have to leave. it was really hard. They wanted to say goodbye to everyone individually, and so they had us enter into this room and have a few minutes with them.

 I came in and hermana watts hugged me, and they both just said how proud they are of me. they both started talking about things i have overcome and done in my mission, and some of the experiences, and they said "we are so proud of you!" they just said how much they love me, and how they would love for me to stop by and visit them when i get home. i said goodbye, and i just tried to joke around so that i wouldnt cry, so luckily enough, i didnt.  i just felt so much love from them, and i will never forget them. after all of it, i couldnt help but think how it will feel when we return to Heavenly Father, and when we enter into his presence. will He say that He is proud of us? I sure hope so. I know He is proud of you Dad.

this investigadora, (that i havent actually met) is really sick. by really sick, i mean, she has cancer. she didnt realize it until a few months ago. well, we went to go find her, and she wasnt there, so we went to this menos activas house to find her (theyre friends) and it turns out the investigadoras daughter is living with the menos activ sister, because apparently she is now in the hospital, and they sister told us she is just wasting away. she is dying. it made me so sad because the daughter is so cute and tiny. she is about five, and is so adorable, and i cant imagine how it must feel to know thet you are dying and are leaving your daughter. this lady has no family, and the majority of women here are single mothers. we cnt go visit her because she is outside of our area. this whole situation makes me very upset.

we went and visited a recient convert, and he is a little... crazy. it was my first time meeting him, and we brought a short lesson to share with him, and out of nowhere, he just stands up in the middle of the lesson, and says "yo sé como hacer karate!" he just started doing karate, and is going all around the patio doing karate, and i was trying so hard not to laugh. i literally bit my lip. did i mention that he is 71? yep, he is 71. so, imagine that and don't tell me you wouldn't laugh. his shirt was also unbuttoned.

its the season of mundial, or fifa i guess it is called there. mundial is such a big deal here, that sometimes the children don't have classes because of mundial. there are certain equipos, like argentina, that everyone goes crazy for, and the children don't have classes when they play. yep, i just thought you should know. apparently the US was playing, but then again, im american, and i don't care that much about futbol. people here ask us what is our equippo, and i just say costa rica or germany, and they ask why not the US, and i said... ehh, they wont last long.

thats all i have to say about that.

Hermana Ramirez

Monday, June 16, 2014

winds of change

so, let it be known, sometimes things happen that you don't expect.
last week was transfer week, and we (feik and i) thought we didnt have transfers because our leaders said we didnt. well, lunes, at about 7:30 pm, elder Gamez called me and said that i had changes. it is strange because hna.feik has been in that area (San Rafael) since mid diciembre. strange, huh?

Well, I am in Lomas del Norte with Hermana Michaelis. Let be describe Lomas to you... casi America! seriously, it is so nice this area, but it isnt too nice where people scoff at you everywhere. San Rafael was poor, and the majority of people were annoyed just looking at us. Here, the people are a bit more friendlier, and it is pretty. THERE ARE GARBAGE CANS! it is so nice! there are still dogs roaming around, but there are also side walks! People have real doors that shut all the way, with hinges! i feel like i am in America.

Speaking of America, my new comp is american! Hermana Michaelis, from Arizona. We fit together like lamb and tunafish... (brandon will get it) We get a long well, and my area actually has nice people. I am sure that i will die here (finish my mission), and to be honest... that sits well with me if it is.

We have this investigador, he has 20 years. He is the bomb! he is progressing, and in this lesson, i got the chills! He is so prepared to receive the Gospel, and in his prayed, oh my gosh! it was so cool, he is awesome. i wont describe the prayer because i dont thinks it is appropriate. just know, he is pilas. 

Well, I must go now. I LOVE LOMAS. Hna.Michaelis and i get along so well, we stay up talking in our beds, and she tells me her bad date stories, and we talk about... experiences. its cool.

Hermana Ramirez

Monday, June 9, 2014


i hope you dont have too strong of an 80's Scorpions flash back reading that title, but.. its true. 

as a missionary, one is left to be very ignorant. yes, it is true, well, in matters of the worl that is. We dont have tv, radio, internet, so we dont know when there is a hurrincane or not. well, last monday, apparently tere was a hurricane, and we didnt know. so we followed our usual routine, and walked to the mall, and it is about 2 or 3km, not too far. well, it was raining super hard, and windy, andi was like... oh, its just guate. well, fijese que no. it was a hurricane, and we triumphed. yep, good times, good times. it explains why the mall was basically empty. 

somethings i can remember from my week. well, lets see, it was an interesting week. we had a hard day, and nobody, like NOBODY would receive us except this one inactive sister. well, we went an visited her, and she gave us platano cocido con frijol y crema! puchis, tan rico. pues, now quedamos alla con ella, y miramos el video Gracias a El from here is the link to watch it in english So, she started sharing her testimony of Christ, and she starts crying. anyway, this siter is awesome, becasue she just started coming back to church, and her mom in just a doll. they are so sweet, the whole family. anyway, the father was a high priest and left the church, and really detests the Church, and we feel very uncomfortable when he is htere. well, listening to this isters testimony, just warmed my heart!

We tried to visit a less active sister that hates us. anyway, she lives in an apartment building and didnt come down to let us out. we were locked in the building for 30mins. yep. i love it!

sorry, i didnt plan my time well. i gotta go!

 Hermana Ramirez 

ps. the assistants came and visited our planning session, and they found me being immature and taking tin foil and making grills. here is a pic