Monday, April 28, 2014

ALMA 29:4! oh, and the priesthood session on repreat

Let me tell you about the week i have had. I guess it could go perfectly with the scripture Alma 29.4. YEs, go read!

okay, have you read it?


Okay, got it?


So. my comp said "wouldnt it be nice if we could just sleep one whole day?" and i shouted "BLASPHEMY!" and she said "i would just love to have one day to just sleep and have the energy for the whole rest of my mission." so i told her "hey, the brightside is that there are a ton of mosquitoes out now, so maybe you'll get dengue (an illness that last for a week that i caught back in barrios and its horrible, you just pass the week speeling and drinking 7up)! keep your hopes up!" well, remember alma 29:4, well, it wasnt my true desire that my comp would get sick, but Heavenly Father taught me a lesson to not be sarcastic, and to not joke around. And it came to pass... MY COMP WAS REALLY SICK the following morning. yes, its true. everyone said it was my fault, hna.ramirez es su culpa, SU culpa! arrepientase! so i just said in english... i plead the fifth. the funniest thing is when people are angry with you and yell in spanish and to make a sly remark in english- they just decide to leave you alone. well, i didn't want my companion to get sick. i care for her. she has asthma, she got a bad cold, and friday she couldnt breathe. so we went to the hospital, and stayed there for two and a half days.

Dad, let me tell you, i am so happy that we are taught to keep the law, because i felt like iwas in prison for those two days, and i can't imagine what real prison would be like. Seriously, i climbed out the window and stood on the air vent to get some air, and nearly killed my companion because she saw me and started laughing and then coughed for about five minutes, and her eyes were bulging out of her head. We couldn't watch tv, but we did find the byu channel,  and we're are only allowed to watch church broadcasts. so we watched the priesthood session four times. yes, i know the all talks , i know all the hymns that were sung, and i know how much i really love freedom. I stuck my head out the door and looked down the hall and saw a vending machine, and thought "there might be some candy.. gluten free candy out there, somewhere!" well, i love freedom. american prisons let people go outside and have... recess time (kind of) and i couldnt even leave the room. well, im alive. by the way, across the way from the hospital there is a mcdonalds that plays american music really loud. well, lets just say, im still not a bieber fan.

Dad, i love the book of john. I read a lot of John this week, and i really love it. I started Luke, but i had read Luke a ton of times, so i changed to John, and I really appreciate the Bible so much. I love the Bible so much Dad. I feel very privlgd that i could grow up and learn the word of God through the Bible, and learn of Christ. So, i must tell you i was reading in Luke 10, and its pretty awesome this chapter. i suggest you go read it. anyway, verses 6-8 are sweet, i like verse 8. very interesting. i think about how we get fed weird things sometimes, and  well, the Bible says to go for it, so.. yeah. Eat with faith! people tel me to do that with gluten, and i just say... check yourself.

Dad, i feel like i didt rememebr much about this week.

the cemetary is in our area and we went there. Its soo pretty! my comp and i took pictures because the landscape it soo pretty! theres a cafeteria there, but i didnt want to eat there. al fresco? noooo.

im sorry my week wasnt interesting.
I love you!!!!!!!!

take care!

oh, i found this dog with an underbite!
 Hermana Ramirez

Monday, April 21, 2014


So, it was semana santa. yes, so everyone decided to observe this holy week with reverence by going to to beach and getting...their drink on. So Minerva was like a ghost town. Friday there was absolutely nobody out, and friday night my companion and i ran hom because we felt a little uncomfortable being hte only ones outside.

Friday we went to a funeral, and i started thinking about life again. yes, i got something out of it. my companions feet were tired so she wanted to stay a while, and i fiured, well, if we're going to be here, i guess ill work. so i hope this wasn't messed up, but i started contacting the people at the funeral. started out with some small tal, askign about their favorite memories they had with the deceased sister, and then, BAM! I talked about the plan of salvacion! Well, what so you know, it was a hit! funerals... it may not look like it, but its a great place to save some souls. 

We got rained on the other day. it felt good. 

Im sorry, i feel like i dont have much to ssay but i know a ton of things happened this week. 

Today we went and did a service activity. my job, along with E'Saavedra, E'Sepeda, Y H'Varela, was to move rocks into a wheel barrel. Yes, so, i felt like i was in prison. it was fun.

It didnt feellike easter much. i was a little sad. i love easter, and i felt like we were rejected a lot. anyway, it was a good week still.

NOW I REMEMBER! Our investigadores put cockraoches in our food. i didnt know until after, and i understand why our food tasted sooo cruncy and gross. it was their kids. TRAVIESOS. the parents didnt know. i understand why the kids were laughing and watching me eat as i downed this tasty treat. YEP! Hey, at least it didnt have gluten!

Im sorry, i should write down what i want to say.

Anyway, i hope you have a good week!

Love always,
 Hermana Ramirez

Monday, April 14, 2014

splashing around in some green water

okay, ill cut to the good stuff. WE BAPTIZED HERMANITA K! yes, she was baptized saturday. What a blessing it was to be able to work with her family, and to keep working with her family. Her fmaily was inactive, and we brought the mother back to church, and realized she was over eight years old, so we prepared her for baptism. Her brother like us, but isnt keen on the idea of coming back to church, well, that was until hermanita K assigned him to say the closing prayer at her baptism. Well, he came to the baptism and then came to church on sundya! It was amazing! I love working for the LORD.
oh, the font water was green. i dont know why, but this is guatechula... the primary kids came to the baptism and wanted to play, and splashed their feet inthe green water.
  Dad, i really love being a missionary. The time goes too fast. I am informed that i go home in six month now, and oh my gosh. Dad, the time goes too fast.

   We also felt pretty used yesterday... used by the LORD! Well, we went looking for this family that found the chapel sunday morning, but missed the services, so they asked us to come back that night to htier house and teach them. I never taught them, theyre knew to the area. Well, we went to their house last nigh, and i was hesitant to go in. the dad seemed a little... under the influence, and it ws dark. well, my comp kept pushing me to go in... well, WE WENT IN. we talked, then sang, then prayed, and after we prayed and i started to tech the plan of salvacion, the sister burst into tears saying she knew that God had sent us. then mientras la leccion, i was talking about the atonement, and the other sister started crying.  I dont know why, i think my voice was so bad they just cried... no, the Spirit was so strong, we ended the lesson with inviting them to baptism. May 10th is their day! They just cried when we left and were so grateful!
  I loved it!
I am so sorry, i dont have time to write more!

I love you!
Remember the Atonement this week... and EVERY DAY.
I know that Christ lives.
I love you Dad!
 Hermana Ramirez 

ps. in that second picture, find the uninvited guest in my food cabinate. yes, there are cucaracha in guatechula...mala.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Fruit snacks and fiber bars! conferencia general!!!!!

  how are ya? Are you enjoying life, and all the food options you have here in america? I sure hope you are! I am so hungry right now, and all i can think about is making sausage and peppers. I told one of the elders that, and they asked me to say sausage again with my accent. WHAT ACCENT?

 Wehad entrevistas Friday! It was great. President and Hermana Watts always bring oreos for us because President Watts says the oreos sold here are fake, not tha same. so they always bring boxes of oreaos, but unfortunately... oroes contiene gluten. lame right? so, darling hermana Watts brougth me fruit snacks, and these super chocolaty fiber bars. of my gosh, it was like a candy bar, so good. it was good that she gave me just one, because if i had a box, i would probably eat them all and thats not good because... they're fier bars. yep, so, it was a good thing.
 Meeting with President is always a good thing. He helped me a lot. I feel like i can be very honest with him, and he helps me. Also, Hermana Watts always has question she asks us, and she asked what do i think that she thinks of me. i think she saw a side of me that she wasnt used to. she tried to make me feel better, and she looked me int he eyes and straight up told me that she loves me. she told me how she is so proud of me, and that meant a lot to me. To hear hermana Watts tel me she is proud of me, that made me feel so good. She told me a bunch of other good things, and i felt like i wanted to cry. I really love Hermana Watts.Sometimes i feel all this pressure to be better abd better, and i have faults. i am a sinner like all of us here on earth, and i have faults. Sometimes i get overwhelmed because i see how i can be better as a missionary, as a member, as a companion, how i cdan be better in speaking spanish, the way i look, and many other things. her words really hit deep. i love Hermana Watts.
 GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS AWESOME. I loved how President Monson closed his talk. It was like he was praying at the end. How powerful! I really enjoyed the talk by Linda Reeves. Her talk hit on so many topics, and i loved it! Elder Hollands talk was awesome. Dont worry, what happened to those missionaries hasnt happened to me.. yet. but hey, i did get spit on more than once, i think about foru different times. yeah, but its better than mashed potatoes!

  So we have this girl we're teaching. She lives with this sister who is less active, but is coming back to church. well, this girl is the girlfriend of the memebrs son. yes, she lives with the family, but.. yeah, its a weird situation. anyway, the girl has a baptism date set, for the 26th. this week, we visited her, and friday when we passed by again, she broke the ice and straight up sadi " i dont feel ready to be baptized." umm, well yeah, thats cuz you're not. her fecha is for the 26th, and it was the 4th, falta mas de 20 dias, claro que uno no sentiria lista. well, the member cuts in ansd is like "yeah, i told her i dont think she is ready. Elders (talking to us) teacher her more." whoa, wait, what?I feel really sad becasue they seem to be busy when we come to appointments at their house, or we'll come, and well be sitting in their living room waiting for 40 minutes for everyone to come out, and we have other appointments. well, i felt really sad to hear this. we explained to the girl how she definately needs to learn more, and right now, at that monent, surely she wasnt ready. well, she saidshe doesnt know who joseph smith was, and we taught her twice about it. so i really hope that through our prayers and her eforts, she can prepare herself. i hope she can prepare herself, becausei know that being baptized will bless her life now, and for eternity. I love her, and i want these blessing for her!
  so, i made corn bread from yellow corn this week. i like it, it was good!
it's getting really hot now. i literally feel my skin quemando en el sol. i love getting tan. dont worry, ill come home all dark like a black bean.

hey, take care dad! I love you!
keep on going!
Love always,
 Hermana Ramirez
here are some pictures of all of us gringos mirando conferencia general en ingles.
the other pic is of a banana tree. yes, this was at a memembers house. SWEET!
ps. my friend Leslie got her misison call to GEORGIA! i love her and am so  proud of her!!!!!!!!!