Monday, March 17, 2014

Minerva is the bomb!!!

how the heck are ya?
  Yep, it's st.patties day, and i am happy to be here and be amongst the guatemaltecos who wont be drinking... anymore than the norm today. unlike NY, who is probably already... half in the bag. Good luck my dear state, good luck in waking up tomorrow... Some people are irish; some people aren't irish. who cares,  i'm irish and thats cool, but im mormon too, so this holiday doesnt apply to me anymore.
  Well Pops, this week was chilerisimo! oh, first off, i dont have transfers. it is transfers week, and i aint leavin!
   Hey, remember the inactive sister that came back to church, Hermana T? Remember her future missionary son? Well... HER SON FILLED OUT HIS MISSION PAPERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! What is this amazing feeling of joy? puchica, dad, this work is amazing. i love being a missionary. sometimes its hard, pero vale le pena. 
  Hey, pleaso let the ward know that i am NOT in the south mission. I still get letters sent there. Forget the south, forget it, throw it out the window, im inthe EAST. make sure that thing ( where ever the newburgh peeps are getting my address from) changes to the East mission. 
  Oh, go watch that video from Elder Nelson Man's Heart shall fail them. i watched that a ton before my missoin, and i watched last night, dang. it was good i didnt have mascara onyesturday, because those tears went rollin. its so good that video, and the elder holland one. yeah, he should have just got a new car. 
  we met these awesome guys that play guitar, and theyre evangelicals. and gues what, they were playing dc talk, and they sing in english. i was like, AHHH! DC TALK! i asked them if they know about sonicflood, and they said no. me hert broke a bit. anyway, they like jars of clay. i love these guys, theyre so talented. they should totally seguir el ejemplo de Jesucristo y al ser bautizado por algien que posee la autoridad de Dios. yep, they should. 
  I was reading in Revelations 7.13-17, and i just thought about how marvelous it is that we have the proxy work in the Temple. what a great blessing it is to know that everyone gets the chance to hear and accept the Gospel. Our Heavenly Father is so merciful! He just loves us so much, and for that He sent His Son.
  Im still reading the miracle of forgiveness, and its starting to hurt a bit, not a lot, bit just a smidge. 
  Okay, i am so grateful to be here in Minerva for another transfer! I really love this area, and we are really seeing a copious amount of blessings, like a plethora just layed out in front of us. so were working heard. 
  I love you dad! 
kepp going!
Hermana Ramirez 

"i was the kind of kid that always wondered what bark was made our of on a tree." -Hansel
the pic is of the elders playing jenga. elder Sepeda was putting the block in, but literally one second after, the whole thing fell. you can see the first piece falling.

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