Thursday, May 30, 2013

Received May 27th 2013

Te extranio mucho mucho! El CCM esta...bien, yo pienso. hoy, yo un poca enferma, con dolor en mi ´throat´.
Viernes, yo enseñé un mujer, Maria Luis y su hijo, Ricardo. Cuando ella dijo me su nombre, yo dije "yo tambien! es mi mediante nombres!" y ella dije que porque yo no se español mucho, y yo se mas chino, es un "pity." pero, yo dije "yo soy intentando!"
me gusta guatemala, y asistiendo el Templo. Vamos (mi districto y yo) cada martes!

Entonces, yo quiero decir mas, pero, cuando yo digo en esp. estoy muy despacio.

   Okay, the mission presidents wife has put on the front, in my mind from day one, that she is one tough cookie. Indeed she is, and as the weeks went on, I realized how true that thought is. She is very frank, but sometimes it is a little unsettling, and I'm a little intimidated by her. Well, I'm sick yet again, and yesterday, I was in so puch pain, my throat was killing me and I practically bugged her all day. Anyway, she gave the relief society lesson about gifts and the gifts we have. I thought about how I have gifts and I need to find them.  She said, when she was younger she thought she was nothing really, and her friend was prettier and better at school. Anyway, she was married later (than most lds girls). For some reason, I saw her differently after that, and she seemed somuch more relatable. I also started thinking of my gifts, and I thought about how I am good teacher. I love Chinese. Anyway, I want to be a better person.
this week, i just thought about how i dont like who i am right now, and i want to be better. when i left for college i was happy with my self, then after my first semester i realized i changed, and my second semester changed me also. i just realize i became a smidge more blunt and forward, more than i would like. i like being forward, but i am a disciple of christ, and i amhere to reperesent him. i am not a business woman (YET!) and i need to be more like Him.
anyway, i love you so much. i think about you all the time, and I have the picture I gave you for your baptism, I have a copy with me. I show everybody. I was telling my district about you, and the Marines. I felt pretty proud.
okay, I need something else. i need you to go to Thaddius and make two cds for me. one is Peace like a River by Mormon Tab Choir and also Love is Spoken here by MTB as well. I love Joshua bell, if you would like to donate a joshua bell cd to me, i love him! best violinist EVAA! I also have a song called My Soul hungered, if you could put that onit, thatd be great.
i need you to research for me. I need the name of the Egyptian Gods that were blasphemed by God por medio Moses. I love the OLD TESTAMENT! I have been reading it, and I fell inlove again. anyway, I'm in Leviticus again, and I wish I was in Deuteronomy. Ugh, LEVITICUS.
Roomies are cool, but one wants my comp and I to just give her things. It's super annoying. Nothing is free.
Here there are bugs called Som Popo de Mayo. HUGE ANTS! ugh!

anyway, i gotta go!




I leave the CCM JUNE 11TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!!
Received May 8th 2013

Entonces, it is humid here!! My companion is super sweet, Hermana Moise, I love her. My roommies are cool. I cant talk to you on Mamas day, I am so sorry.
Let me tell you about life at the CCM (MTC - empty sea).
We, my comp and I, are teaching a guy named Raul Ruiz. Unlike in Provo, they have real investigators here becaue there aren't many members, so we are teaching him. He was surprised to find out the family are members.
There are a bunch of peolpe here that are going to Nicaragua on their missions and I get so happy when I hear that. I tell them I'm a bit envious of them, just a smidgen.
The food here is soo good. I am gonna gain tons of weight. the only thing i dont like is that the "tostones" they serve with breakfats and are sweet... SWEET. You dont like the sweet tostones, sooo weird. salt it up! Please!
Spanish is slwoly, but surely coming back to me. I would rather be speaking Chinese still, but oh well. Guate is pretty cool.I know more Spanish, but chinese is STILL easier for me, way easier. Spanish is cool, I guess.
I have good teachers here, they're sweet and nice to be around. They are encouraging and sometimes pretty funny.
    There are two elders with the last name Ramirez. When we see eachother I say " Mi primos!" and they say "Oye, Hermana Ramirez, mi primaaaa!!!" and give each other high fives and stuff. It's so funny dad, I love being around Latinos!
AGAPE - thats why I'm here. Honestly, the ccm in super lame, well. Okay, I am inside ALL day, I hate it. Food is good, people are sweet, teachers are great, nice facilities, but I am inside all day, for 6 weeks. I want to just the wall. MUST TEAR DOWN THE WALL! haha :)
We are gated in with huge metal gate, and I saw one of the guards carrying a gun. I can't wait to get out of here, I kind of, don't really like it. Theres this song, by the band Cults called "Go Outside", yeah, thats my song. I really wanna go out, I really wanna go outside...
Ive been reading Hebrews and i forgot howmuch i love Hbrews. Hebrews 8:6-7 are great verses about the new law with the Atonement.
Hey, so dont put anything on packages, no Mary, no Jesus, NOTHING.
The Temple here is pretty small, but nice. We went yesterday.

I love you Dad!

Love ,

Hermana Ramirez

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This was the communication from Hermana Ramirez we received May 1st:

DAD! I love you so much... in case you didnt know. So, I still havent slept well at all, i no sleep on the airplane, and so i have been going since i left you. it is 7pm may 1st right now, so 9pm NY time. Havent stopped since. i am exhausted. mi companera is sooo sweet. Hermana Moise, she i great! i am so happy she is my comp.
GUATE is awesome... from what ive seen. this keyboard is different, so excuse typos, im typing fast, i only have 10 mins.
It is humid, actual moisture in the air... UNLIKE Idaho! I love it. I am smelly and am dying for a shower.
A few sisters I met are headed to Nicaragua, and I get soooo excited when i hear that. I cannot help but say "oooh! my family es from there! I am soo happy for you, and i am a smidgen envious." there are natives here, too, so they dont understand smidge or smidgen.
Tell Ben I love him. I love you and Mom, Rudy, and maybe Brandon... maybe. Ha, i am joking, tell them i him i havent broken any glass tables yet... yet i said.
anyway, on my way to LA i sat in front of Mandarin speakers, and at first i thougt it was cool, but they they got super annoying and i just wanted to say bizue (i think thats the pinyin for shutup). I am still stuck in Mandarin mode.
okay, later!  Bye
 Hermana Ramirez!!!!