Monday, February 17, 2014

Fwd: Hermanita A, Valentines Day, and Baptisms... that weren't from our area

I hope you don't think i forgot. this morning, I got up, had a half of a tablespoon of peanut butter, put on some David Archuleta.. and then, i had this idea. I wont tell you what it was, but i can tell you, it was pretty amazing... and not boring. anyway, here is the result of that genius idea.

so yes, i remembered that you're doing the diet where you dont eat any wheat or anything other than neat, veggies, fruit, and no processed stuff. sounds a little like gluten free living, but as you can tell, i still get fed tortillas, and thats where that second chin comes in.. .thats misison life. oh, and a ton of platanos. good luck with the diet!

  So, people remember that i know... more like knew, mandarin. well, one of the elders wants to know his chinese name, so now, people are asking me what their chinese name is... I DON'T KNOW, im a half gringa, half nicaraguan girl from New Yrok. anyway, im going to break out my chinese books that i brought (which i dont study) and come up with some names.
   This week was rough. We didnt find many new people to teach, pretty rough. i contacted a bunch, but my comp doesnt like to contact much, so... yeah.
   Our lovely Hermanita A is so sweet. We stopped by her store on Valentines day, to visit her, and she made us these little hearts with a candy on it. The candy had coffee in it, but it was the thought that counts! she said that she now works every Sunday now.
  Hey, i was just told that we need to go in like five minutes. The guy is kicking us out before our time is over. Thats how you really break a missionary's heart.
I started reading the Miracle of Forgiveness by spencer W. Kimball. I asked permission from Pres. watts, and he gave me permission. Im reading it in spanish, so it will take me a little bit longer, but it is really powerful. I just want to apply the atonement of christ to my life in a greater aspect. I really am so thankful for His atonement, that we can be saved. We can return to our Father in Heaven one day. The thing that is so amazing, is that we can return as a family, not just alone. we can be together as a family forever. I can't wait for the day that we are all together as a fmaily in the Temple Dad. It will happen.
   I have learned a lot about faith. It is a principle that is basic, but very important, very essencial to everything. Faith really, just changes to much. Also, i was thinking a lot about charity this last week. My comp hasnt put an effort to try to get to know me, and says things that hurt, but i think i just need to get to know her more. I am trying to compliment the good things she does, and i think i really am learning to appreciate the people the LORD puts in our lives. I know she is a wonderful person, i just and trying to bring that out of her more. she misses her old area. Charity can be applied when we barely know someone. Charity doesn' mean we judge poeple. I think Faith and Charity is my focus this next week, and i love studying about charity.
  Dad, i have seen that i have changed my personality on my mission. the LORD is really helping me become a better person. I am more patient and kind. I am so grateful for the hard times i have had in my mission because He has molded me into a better person. Thankfully i have about eight months left, so i can come back better, i really hope the LORD keeps helping me to improve, because I have a lot to improve on.
  I just want to tell you something that makes me happy when i feel down. I love when people come into church late.. really. I used to be bug me a bit, but i think about it. I bet some of these poele really put their best efforts to come to church, and they could have stayed home, but they still come. Its not an annoyance to me, but i appreciate their presence. Being on time is the best, but its better to just come than not come to Church.
  I love you, heres a picture of some of my best buddies in my district. We went to McD's. I love these guys, p-days are fun with people that just want to chill, but also be a little crazy.
i love you you Dad. Keep reading the scriptures!

Hey, i just got christmas letters sent to the South mission. Tell the ward my new address, with mision este.

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