Monday, March 31, 2014

felicidades con su experiencia en el Temple del Senor. Le felicito, porque, yo se que ahora, usted tenga una nueva vista a las cosas sagradas y del Temple del Senor. Gracias por ser digno a entrar y hacer convenios sagrados.

 Esta semana fue bien, nada especial paso en mi area. Last night we met with some investigadores, and one of them explained to us his thgouht of religions. he said that religions are like languages, and that languages are different in various parts of the world, and religions as well. He said that religions were created according to the needs of the people, and that wehn people needed something to change,they woudl change of creat their own religion. He concluded withthe fact that he hopes that we can all unite, and be one, no importa su religion. Well, i respected his thought, and i spent my night thinking a lot about what he said. I guess it all comes back to this: what are our needs? We need a way to be happy; we need laws and commandments and self accountability or else we would have anarchistic societies; we need family structure or else there isn't a proper way to teach and raise children and the future generations; we need love, ect. I read all of these things and the Gospel  of Jesuchristo offers us all of these things.

 you asked what you could help me with back home? Well, if you could look into the fafsa stuff again, i cont remember if it is too late, but look into the loans again. I might go back to school right when i get home. also, some utah state stuff about the gpa, act/sat scores i need to get in. im not sure why, but tuah state has poped into my mind a bit while ive been out here. but, i havent thgouth too much about it, so i dont know. i dont really think about it too much, so its not fo sho.

  grandma sent me a letter with TONS of picture of the family through the years. i found a picture of Nellie! Okay, i dont know if i ever told you about a very special experience i had when i did the sealing work for nellie in the Temple. Well, i dont want to go too into detail, but ill explain later. well, i found a picture of Nellie and i am so happy to finally have a picture of her. So now im just waiting on Angel's letter about our family history and maybe even some pics.

  A sister told us about how her son had a dog when he was young, and she hated the dog, so she paid a bolito to go take it farout and lose it. well, the dog came back, and she said the dog was outside with a pack of dogs, and stopped and just stared at her. anyway, she kept it a secret for her kids for like 20 years, but then she toldus. anyway, im not sure why i found this story interesting, but, yeah. haha

  Hey, its getting super hot here. i finally broke out some of my clothes from Puerto Barrios, yep, its hot. it was 35C the other day.
Take care!
I love you!
 Hermana Ramirez

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