Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New House, the Temple

  I feel like this letter you sent me came at the perfect time! I am so proud of you Dad! I am really really really proud of you! Enserio, yo no se si yo puedo expressar como siento yo de estas buenas noticias. march 29th will be so awesome, i hope you make the most of this day as you enter the Temple. I honestly cannot believ you have a date set for your Endowment. I seriously am so proud of you!
Dad, today we went to the Temple. That is why i didnt write you monday, because we changed our p day to today. We went to the Temple, and I saw the new presentation! honestly, it looked neat, and the technology is cool, but... anyway - we can talk about it after... in like, October. Dad, i had such a great time in the Temple today! I hadnt been since May! I will admit, i had a good Celestial room cry, it was nice. i really felt the Spirit, and someitmes tears come in. I couldnt help but think of you and mom, the whole family, and it just really tried my hope, but i know we will all enter the Temple together as a family one day. I know.

Hey! We got our new house! We moved out of our old house, and quit love-shacking with the other sisters from lo de fuentes, and we moved into our new house! It is huge! Two stories, with a walk up roof and we hang our clothes to dry up there, but my comp doesnt like it up there on the roof. I love it because you can see the whole capital, and its like getting away for a little while. "up on the roooof"
Im an english teacher! I love teaching English Dad! I have the class learning "I am a child of God" in english, y mucha gente llega! I get really into teaching, and elder Sepeda y Elder Saavedra are sit in on our classes if investigdores llegan. pues, saavedra me dijo que ellos pienses que yo debo ser una maestra... psshhht! yeah right. anyway, its fun teaching english!
Dad, this less active sister that came back to church. We reactivated her! And now... get ready, but her inactive son... ACTIVE! but hay algo mas,.... get ready.... HE WANTS TO SERVE AMISSION! I feel like my labors as a missionary are really showing fruits! Its amazing! We didnt have anyone to acompany us Sunday, and we ate lunch at his grandmas house, and my comp was like... what do we do, we dont have a member with us.. and i was like WAIT! Daniel! get ovr here, come with us, lets go save some souls! guess hwat, he came with us! I really love the way the Gospel chages people when they let it. I saw him yesterday, and when he told me the mission news, i shared my testimony with him, and how everything around me felt like it was falling apart when i started getting ready for my missin, but the Lord had his hand on my back pushing me through. He cried! I love this work! yo amo la obra, yo amo el Senor, y yo se que no es facil a trabajar en la obra del Senor porque siempre hay pruebas, pero El nos apoya.
 Dad, i just want to tell you how much I love the Lord. I have gone through such rough parts of my mission, and the times that i had sat on the cement floor of my apartment crying, and know that i wasnt the only one there, but the Lord was there reaching his hand out to me. The times where i have felt, and sometimes do feel, very alone, or forgotten, i know, withour a doubt, that the Lord is right there with me. I have been filled with His Spirit so much these past few weeks. Some morning i wake up and i am just filled with this joy in my heart, and full of love. I will be honest and tell you that things come through the day, problems, difficult people, and some of that joy disappears, or hides, but i know that He is always with me. That song i sang when we went to those evangelical churches many years ago, This little light of mine. It says not to hide the light under a bushel, or to let satan blow it out, or to hide it. Thats how it is, we cant hide it. I love the Lord, and i feel like i know Him better than i did before. I love the restored Gospel.

yo Pops, the other morning i woke up (in our new house!) and i heard that song by Jay Z and Alicia Keys, oh mannn. i thought of how much better new york is than idaho, and i killed a cockroach.
anyway, i love you!
Keep on trucking!
I love you dad!

Hey, enjoy watching the news!
 Hermana Ramirez

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