Monday, April 7, 2014

Fruit snacks and fiber bars! conferencia general!!!!!

  how are ya? Are you enjoying life, and all the food options you have here in america? I sure hope you are! I am so hungry right now, and all i can think about is making sausage and peppers. I told one of the elders that, and they asked me to say sausage again with my accent. WHAT ACCENT?

 Wehad entrevistas Friday! It was great. President and Hermana Watts always bring oreos for us because President Watts says the oreos sold here are fake, not tha same. so they always bring boxes of oreaos, but unfortunately... oroes contiene gluten. lame right? so, darling hermana Watts brougth me fruit snacks, and these super chocolaty fiber bars. of my gosh, it was like a candy bar, so good. it was good that she gave me just one, because if i had a box, i would probably eat them all and thats not good because... they're fier bars. yep, so, it was a good thing.
 Meeting with President is always a good thing. He helped me a lot. I feel like i can be very honest with him, and he helps me. Also, Hermana Watts always has question she asks us, and she asked what do i think that she thinks of me. i think she saw a side of me that she wasnt used to. she tried to make me feel better, and she looked me int he eyes and straight up told me that she loves me. she told me how she is so proud of me, and that meant a lot to me. To hear hermana Watts tel me she is proud of me, that made me feel so good. She told me a bunch of other good things, and i felt like i wanted to cry. I really love Hermana Watts.Sometimes i feel all this pressure to be better abd better, and i have faults. i am a sinner like all of us here on earth, and i have faults. Sometimes i get overwhelmed because i see how i can be better as a missionary, as a member, as a companion, how i cdan be better in speaking spanish, the way i look, and many other things. her words really hit deep. i love Hermana Watts.
 GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS AWESOME. I loved how President Monson closed his talk. It was like he was praying at the end. How powerful! I really enjoyed the talk by Linda Reeves. Her talk hit on so many topics, and i loved it! Elder Hollands talk was awesome. Dont worry, what happened to those missionaries hasnt happened to me.. yet. but hey, i did get spit on more than once, i think about foru different times. yeah, but its better than mashed potatoes!

  So we have this girl we're teaching. She lives with this sister who is less active, but is coming back to church. well, this girl is the girlfriend of the memebrs son. yes, she lives with the family, but.. yeah, its a weird situation. anyway, the girl has a baptism date set, for the 26th. this week, we visited her, and friday when we passed by again, she broke the ice and straight up sadi " i dont feel ready to be baptized." umm, well yeah, thats cuz you're not. her fecha is for the 26th, and it was the 4th, falta mas de 20 dias, claro que uno no sentiria lista. well, the member cuts in ansd is like "yeah, i told her i dont think she is ready. Elders (talking to us) teacher her more." whoa, wait, what?I feel really sad becasue they seem to be busy when we come to appointments at their house, or we'll come, and well be sitting in their living room waiting for 40 minutes for everyone to come out, and we have other appointments. well, i felt really sad to hear this. we explained to the girl how she definately needs to learn more, and right now, at that monent, surely she wasnt ready. well, she saidshe doesnt know who joseph smith was, and we taught her twice about it. so i really hope that through our prayers and her eforts, she can prepare herself. i hope she can prepare herself, becausei know that being baptized will bless her life now, and for eternity. I love her, and i want these blessing for her!
  so, i made corn bread from yellow corn this week. i like it, it was good!
it's getting really hot now. i literally feel my skin quemando en el sol. i love getting tan. dont worry, ill come home all dark like a black bean.

hey, take care dad! I love you!
keep on going!
Love always,
 Hermana Ramirez
here are some pictures of all of us gringos mirando conferencia general en ingles.
the other pic is of a banana tree. yes, this was at a memembers house. SWEET!
ps. my friend Leslie got her misison call to GEORGIA! i love her and am so  proud of her!!!!!!!!!

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