Monday, April 21, 2014


So, it was semana santa. yes, so everyone decided to observe this holy week with reverence by going to to beach and getting...their drink on. So Minerva was like a ghost town. Friday there was absolutely nobody out, and friday night my companion and i ran hom because we felt a little uncomfortable being hte only ones outside.

Friday we went to a funeral, and i started thinking about life again. yes, i got something out of it. my companions feet were tired so she wanted to stay a while, and i fiured, well, if we're going to be here, i guess ill work. so i hope this wasn't messed up, but i started contacting the people at the funeral. started out with some small tal, askign about their favorite memories they had with the deceased sister, and then, BAM! I talked about the plan of salvacion! Well, what so you know, it was a hit! funerals... it may not look like it, but its a great place to save some souls. 

We got rained on the other day. it felt good. 

Im sorry, i feel like i dont have much to ssay but i know a ton of things happened this week. 

Today we went and did a service activity. my job, along with E'Saavedra, E'Sepeda, Y H'Varela, was to move rocks into a wheel barrel. Yes, so, i felt like i was in prison. it was fun.

It didnt feellike easter much. i was a little sad. i love easter, and i felt like we were rejected a lot. anyway, it was a good week still.

NOW I REMEMBER! Our investigadores put cockraoches in our food. i didnt know until after, and i understand why our food tasted sooo cruncy and gross. it was their kids. TRAVIESOS. the parents didnt know. i understand why the kids were laughing and watching me eat as i downed this tasty treat. YEP! Hey, at least it didnt have gluten!

Im sorry, i should write down what i want to say.

Anyway, i hope you have a good week!

Love always,
 Hermana Ramirez

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