Monday, April 14, 2014

splashing around in some green water

okay, ill cut to the good stuff. WE BAPTIZED HERMANITA K! yes, she was baptized saturday. What a blessing it was to be able to work with her family, and to keep working with her family. Her fmaily was inactive, and we brought the mother back to church, and realized she was over eight years old, so we prepared her for baptism. Her brother like us, but isnt keen on the idea of coming back to church, well, that was until hermanita K assigned him to say the closing prayer at her baptism. Well, he came to the baptism and then came to church on sundya! It was amazing! I love working for the LORD.
oh, the font water was green. i dont know why, but this is guatechula... the primary kids came to the baptism and wanted to play, and splashed their feet inthe green water.
  Dad, i really love being a missionary. The time goes too fast. I am informed that i go home in six month now, and oh my gosh. Dad, the time goes too fast.

   We also felt pretty used yesterday... used by the LORD! Well, we went looking for this family that found the chapel sunday morning, but missed the services, so they asked us to come back that night to htier house and teach them. I never taught them, theyre knew to the area. Well, we went to their house last nigh, and i was hesitant to go in. the dad seemed a little... under the influence, and it ws dark. well, my comp kept pushing me to go in... well, WE WENT IN. we talked, then sang, then prayed, and after we prayed and i started to tech the plan of salvacion, the sister burst into tears saying she knew that God had sent us. then mientras la leccion, i was talking about the atonement, and the other sister started crying.  I dont know why, i think my voice was so bad they just cried... no, the Spirit was so strong, we ended the lesson with inviting them to baptism. May 10th is their day! They just cried when we left and were so grateful!
  I loved it!
I am so sorry, i dont have time to write more!

I love you!
Remember the Atonement this week... and EVERY DAY.
I know that Christ lives.
I love you Dad!
 Hermana Ramirez 

ps. in that second picture, find the uninvited guest in my food cabinate. yes, there are cucaracha in guatechula...mala.

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