Monday, January 27, 2014

Re: Finally

 frst off... NO! We don´t get to sleep on Pdays! estoy bien freaking cansada!
      Word up, the Tousleys are going to tbe teaching Temple prep? That is sick! I took Temple prep in my war in Idaho, and honestly, it was good, but i could have done with out it. I hope the Tousleys make it way more exciting. I felt like part of my Temple Prep class time, was taken up by people talking about how they met their spouses, and then sometimes it ws a good class. It just depended on  who showed up. 
     Yáll received my letter! Yay! Sorry, i wrote Brandon like five pages or something, please dont feel unloved, its just, Brandon is my bro, he´s my main g. anyway, yay, you got my letter!
     Brandon wants to move back to socal? Okay, at least he isnt thinking about moving to anywhere north of bakersfield. Yeah, people call that cali... i guess it is, but, lets be real, nothing is better than socal. thats like... Oregon. anyway, i saw that here and peole get ticked. oh well, in from NY, no me importa. But wait, im going to lose my best friend. If brandon goes, i dont know what i will do. Well, i do, but, i wont. Ill stay in NY, i love NY with casi all my heart. Well, the Gospel first, but, NY is second, and i dont think I want to likve anywhere else. Did Brandon hit his head... again? Lets just hope that doesnt work out, i know, that is mean, but, hey - we´re talking about NY.
     So, we found this family last saturday (como, hace una semana) and we invited them to our movie night and they came! We visited them during the week, and the wife is super sweet. Well, saturday they came to our english calss (taught by yours truly, and my Cali bro, elder Corbin), and the wife is interested in learning english. Well, she asked if there were more actividades on saturday in the capilla, and there werent, but... there was a baptism going on! so we swung on by at 4pm and walked with them to the baptism! Theyre bien pilas, but... they didnt come to church. dad, the heart of a missionary hurts so bad when investigadores who have a fecha for baptism dont come to church. it hurts! 
     Good news! Our investigador who had a fecha bautismal, he came! The memebrs were so welcoming, and invited him to play soccer with them on saturdays! He has a fecha bautismal por 15 de Febrero. We are praying so hard that all goes well! He came in late on sunday, and it was great to see him there!
     MORE GOOD NEWS! My comp and i haven´t had a baptism yet, adn were working realy hard. We just want people to chnge and be better! That they can draw closer to Christ and make convenios con Dios. Well, we are reactivating so many people. Four people, who had been inactive for YEARS came to church. it was a major blessing. One sister has been inactive for seven years, another hermano for four years, and a mother and son for three years. They all came and had a sweet time. the members were just amazing yesterday, wso welcoming. I had a great sunday. 
     nothing is more pressuring and da mas nervios, than when its about 8:50, and youre waiting for your investigadores and less actives to come to church. We had a great sunday. 
     So, we saw elder Cook! Miercoles, he came! It was sweet! when he started speaking, he didnt even say anything super moving or profound, just general talking about random things, and Dad, i just started to cry. Not sobbing, just a few lagrimas, and its because when i heard him speak, i just knew, the Spirit was testifying to me, that he really is an apostle of Dios and he was called to serve. He was somany thigns that i really needed to hear that day, in ways i never thought i would receive such info. It was so amazing. Also, Elder amado sopke, and he always just makes me check myself, and how im doing. Well i shook elder Cooks hand, and it was so quick that it was about three seconds. Well, i shook elder amados hand, and oh my gosh, he look me right in the eyes, and gave me this smile, and it was so powerful. He like stopped, and shook my hand, and it was ery powerful. It was a sweet day. 
     I saw my MTC district there. We took this picture! All of us together again!  It was so sweet to see them all!
  I hope everything goes well this week. 
     Oh hey, we went to a sweet park this week! i took a pic of the grafitti because it was awesome!  Enjoy! Its guatemalan grafitti!

Have a good week dad!

ilove you, and I hope you enjoy Temple Prep!

oh, a quote from my comp this week. "es que yo estoy enamorada con mi misma!" wow, so humble. 

 Hermana Ramirez

On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 3:09 PM, Rudy Ramirez <> wrote:
Si por fin!
  It was announced yesterday that the Temple Prep class is scheduled to start Feb 9th. And it's being taught by none other than John and Christy Tousley. Im so psyched. After sacrament Br. Riachart extended the me the invitation and I said Of Course!
   So that mi hija is the most important part of my week. It was great reading your letter we received it Tuesday. Our missionaries are winding down their tours at least the Elders are the Srs. I think just started. The sisters are so sweet.
   I have an interview with CVS for the assistant manager training program this Friday. Mom is all jazzed up because she ran into Frauline Kim Eichner. Who told her retirees can move into Stuart Terrace. @2000 a month they cover water and electricity all we need is our washer and dryer. I need to see how the CVS thing is going to work out, we would rate a 3br. so when you come back, (woo hoo) until you get sick and tired of us. Your brother is thinking of moving to Kaleefornia with Amanda. He is working at Staples and is doing Computer Base Training (CBT) on computers. So hopefully he will stick to this and his skull will harden. Tu tia Lisa le dijo se puede  quedar con ella hasta que encuentre trabajo y hogar. I don't think he realizes what it takes to survive, hopefully he won't learn the hard way. I think next time I go to the gym I will take a selfie and send it to you, so you can see "I WORK OUT"! I have that song in my head!
   So that's it short and sweet I know you have other things to do, and people to write to and hopefully relax. You guys don't get to sleep in on Pdays? I love you and miss you.
Tu Papi!

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