Monday, February 10, 2014

cambios, aladdin, y una investigadore de oro

This week was interesting, nothing too exciting though, sorry!
     We had changes, and my comp left. my little tica, Hermana Gomez
se fue. she was super sad to leave porque esta area fue su primera
area. the changes meeting was cool i guess, i got my pants. Okay, Dad,
the material around here, that is tipica, like puro guatemaltco, is so
beautiful. Well, these pants are like aladdin pants, and so comfy. i tried
to take a pic in these pants, but, it didnt come out how i
wanted it. also, this comp doesnt send pictures. yes, i feel robbed of
my Q5.
     We have this awesome new investigador, lets call her Hermanita A.
She works in a tienda near the capilla, and is bien pilas. she has
read everything we have left her. We have been meeting with her for a
week, and so far she read all the folletos, and from the introduction of
the book of mormon all the way to 1 nefi 8. she wants to be baptized,
and we put her fecha for 15 de march. we are so excited; she works
every other sunday, so we put the date far ahead. People like her make
me feel so happy, just me da mucho alegria. From all the times we get
rejected, especially in this area, she just makes it so much better to
know there are people out there that want to be better and give their
lives to Christ. We have been getting rejected so much these past few
weeks. i usually dont take it too hard, its normal, but this past
week, people are just rude and mean to the point where its as if they
just really want to hit you deep. ouch, but hey, thats the name of the
game right¡? just some pretty good memories!
     Our inactive sister that we are helping come back to church,
she had an interview with the Bishop and is going to receive her
Patriarchal blessing!!!! I am so pumped! She is the bomb. We can call
her Hermana T. Hermana T is so awesome, she wants to serve a mission
now. I love her so much, she has really touched my heart.
    I thought of you and the fam dad, because my old comp hna.gomez
and i found a korean man who sells fruit en monserrat. Well, my comp said i should go speak mandarin to him, but she doesnt understand that korea and
china are different paises with different languages. so, i talked to him in spanish, and well, i am so grateful that i watched all that arrested developement. i
remembered how to say hello in korean! i dont know how to spell it,
but it sounds like ahnyong. I pass him now and shout it, and we're buds.
thanks arrested developement!
     People here love chicken salad, and well, i cant help but think
of that movie with jason schwartzman, and ... oh man, whats his name,
the blond english actor. dang, anyway, i just laugh a bit when people
offer me chicken salad. Ask brandon about this movie, he'll know. ask
him, he gets it. the bonnet... oh man.
     Our ward mission leader had his birthday party Saturday, and naturally, fuimos. Well, Hno.David is so awesome and has this little girl of about 4 or 5 yrs. well, we had a pinata, and all of us misisonaries dived for the dulces, and i found these dulces to the side so i picked them up, and she said "thats mine!" well, I said "well, then why are they in my hands...?" and she lost it. it was so funny, she just screamed so loud, and i gave her her candy back. she threw it all on the ground, and got a bag, and took all of our dulces. all of us missionaries just watched her in silence take all our candy. it was pretty disturbing. she pushed them into a pile on the floor and picked hem up, one by one, nd put them in the bag. it was terrible... que es este dolor?
     Today we all went to Paiz (a grocery store) and about half of the missionaries weighed themselves. Pobrecita, one of the sisters is new, like 7 days new, and said "yo no creo que yo voy a subir de peso durante mi mision," heh, good luck. i told her how i started my mision with one chin, and i feel a third one coming on, im fighting it, but thats kind of the way it goes.
     I feel like the Lord has really blessed us this Sunday. We prayed for us to meet our goal of bringing four new people to church this week, and sabado we went around contacting all these people we planned on bringing to church. Nobody that we visited showed up. We felt a little crushed. sundays were pretty relaxed for me before my mision, but as a missionary, nothing is more pressuring than those ten of fifteen minutes before church starts. Going to bring people to church, and waiting and knockng on their doors, hoping theyll answer the door. Or worse, waiting outside the chapel, anxiously looking side to side, for someone to come. Well, our dear friend, who also served a mision, brought  neighbor to church! It was a major blessing! She is also a returned missionary, so she gets it.
     A good little week.

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