Monday, January 13, 2014

7 Enero - 13 enero

Fatha (english accent),
 there's a snake in my boot! No, noo..., no - not really.
This week we had interviews with Presidente Watts, y su esposa, la Hermana Watts. Fue bien chilero por que hablamos de muchas cosas.
 Cuando yo estuve con Presidente, el me pregunto de mi salud, y despues, me pregunto "de que quiere hablar usted?" Fue primera vez que el me pregunto de que yo quiero hablar. Las otras entrevistas, el usualmente me pregunto de algo, y eso es de que hablamos. Pues, fue chilero por que yo le dije que yo quiero ser una mejor misionera, y quiero ser una lider. Con todas mis problemas con salud, yo quiero terminar mi mision, pero yo le dije, yo no solo quiero terminar mi mision, pero quiero terminarlo bien! A la Hermana Watts, hablamos de salud, y versiculos en el Libro de Mormon. Ella dijo de que como un pueblo, no usamos el Libro de Mormon mucho.
I had the flu, but im getting better. We stayed in yesterday, and i slept. Nothing is better than sleep for amisisonary.
We did a mission activity this weekend. The little jovenes had a mini mission, from Friday to sunday. Friday night, we have a short opening at the capilla, and they were assigned into companarismos, and then satyed at other member's houses, and Saturday we brought them back the the capilla. We taught them how to contact, and then in the afternoon set them loose to visit less actives and contact. We then ended it sunday in Sacrament meeting. The Attendance rose so much this weekend. We are working to hard to get less actives back to church.
We had a nerw investigador, he accepted our invitacion for baptism. he had been in jail for a little whie, and the Bishop said to have a brother from the ward go visit him with us. Anyway, my comp and i have impressions, twice, to not go over this week. We didnt go, and he didnt come to church this Sunday. :(((( Broken misisonary heart. anyway, we're gonna go see him tomorrow. He hasnt answered our calls. Bishop wants to meet him tomorrow.
Hey, i found chocolate on sale, i ate some, and now feel super sick. Freaking LACTOSE!
Anyway, i love you!
 Hermana Ramirez
ps. Elder Cook comes next week!!!! WERE SO PUMPED!

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