Tuesday, July 23, 2013

15th July. Ay, tener exito

Dad, i like the new car. 
Nissan Versa... makes my think of HEROES!
Okay. I am sick... as usual. 
Yo se that this week was chafa... a bit. 
okay, Tuesday was a fine day. We worked, and were told on Sunday that we don't have cambios. Well, tuesday night we got a call at 9:30pm saying hna.Rodas had cambios and we had to have our tuchus' in Guluanl by 10am the next day. we scrambled to go get her clothes for hna.C because she does our laundry. anyway. it was crazy. 

Wednesday was another day on a bus. yay... Adios Hna.Rodas. Thankfully we dont have a new comp. I miss like Hna.Rodas. I can see there are benefits though, and its because i have room to speak now. one comp cant to the whole lesson, and with two, i can speak more in lessons. 

Wednesday night we got back to PB around 7:30. At 9:30pm we recibimos another call... WE had to go to the captial and be there by 9am the next morning. Well. we didnt sleep that night because we had to take a 1am bus. yay... My visa stuff has to be done. Spent another day on a bus. 

 Friday, we had to go tell everyone we ditched why we failed to show up the last two days. people were ticked. i understand, but i hope they understand us too. 

Saturday i felt like an actualy missionary. i was able to speak to people without hesitation and contacted like a beast! i felt the Spirit so much Satuday, i hope everyday is like Saturday. The problem was that the fair is in town, so many people werent home, but we found people! it was great. three new investigators.

okay, Saturday has a down fall. To of our investigators told had problems with this satudays baptisms. one doubts his testimony now and says he just wants time, but he faild to show up at Church yesterday. My heart, its breaking!!!! Then our other said in other words, she doesnt have a testimony or even believes in the Atonement of Christ or Christ. Well, we have work to do. Im so sad, but i knew this would happen. 

I dont have much time to write today because the President in coming to our apartment today. 

Later were going to the Fair with the elders Pool y Altino. im excited. 
Im reading Romans and knowldge is just wrapping my brain, like little pigs in blankets. so much knowledge, i know why i have a big head now. 

anyway, i love you. 

i miss you Dad. i like the new car!
  Hna. Ramirez

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