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Sorry, Meghan's moderator (her dad) has been slacking off.  So here she is:
 this week.
just another week in the Guatemala City Inline image 2EAST Mission. Not north or south, remember that!
 We worked hard. We thankfully didn't go to Guluan or Zacapa, or the Captial... for once.
Monday, I don't think I told you, but we went to the escobas. How tight! Hermana Ceballos y I, hung out with our best friends, Elder Pool y Elder Altino, from Santo Tomas. We headed on over to the Escobas and hiked up that mountain. It was fun. I have pictures! it's very beautiful there.
We came back late, and when they left, we went for internet, but had very little time. I'm sorry I didn't write much to you. 

Wednesday, I FOUND HIM! Okay, i dont think i told you about the guy i met that speaks english, and lived in NY for a while. Well, yeah, that happened like a month ago. Well, one night like three weeks ago, we were late.. as freaking usual, to an appointment (no es mi culpa). It was about 8:30 and we're walking inthe rain to the sketchy part of PB, seriously wasnt my fault, but in a trio, you're always late. Anyway, he saw me and said something like 'hey, the missionary fron ny!' but i really didnt have any time to talk, so i said 'hola, see ya later' and we darted. I felt super guilty since then. I prayed and prayed a whole bunch so that i could find him again. Well, monday night i felt super guilty, and i prayed to be forgiven and thati could find him. Someone that actually wants to talk, and i was wrong. Well, Tuesday morning i did the same. WEll, Tuesday afternoon I passed by the spot i saw him in before, and wha da ya know? he was right freaking there! YAY! We talked and he is super cool. His daughter in sick (shes 14) and his wife can't speak spanish, and they have problemas con dinero, pero, he tiene a lot of fe in God. I pregunte if he attends a Church, but he said he doesnt always have time, but he reads the Bible. Anyway, after talking por thirty minutos, we had to go. YAY! I was super happy to see him!
oh, we also had a District meeting Wednesday. no es muy divertido, but, our district is cool, i like being with them.

Thursday we had splits with a companionship from Chiquimula. They were cool. Hna. Torres (my comp for the day) is so sweet. I like her. We did well. WE went to Mitch that day and taught five lessons. WE left pretty late because people love to talk about EVERYTHING else when we meet with them. So, we went to the main road to get a Taxi home, and it was pouring rain... POURING! Rain here gets pretty intense sometimes, so, literally, it was painful. we stood outside, and i will admit, i was a little afraid because Mitch at night is peligroso, and everyone tells us to hurry home, because its bad. There were about 10 guys on the other side of the road watching us, and three on our side watching us, and i was a little scared. Hna. Torres is tiny like me, and not big like Hna.C, so, i had a little fear. Well, we waited for about 15 minutes trying to wave down a taxi, and nobody wanted to pick us up because we were wet. Well, Hna. Torres prayed, and during her prayer, a taxi decided to pick us up! YAY!

Friday, ehh, the usual, teaching lessons. Sorry, i dont always have an exciting day every single day. Friday was fine.

Saturday was good. We went to the baby shower for one of our converts who is getting baptized Sunday. The baby shower was a surprise for her! It was nice, but it was... a little chafa also. Nobody wanted to play the games, and some of the sisters that planned it and set up didnt even stay, they were outside talking the whole time, and didnt even come in. NObody gave the Mom-to-be a kiss when she came in, or when they left. Oh, most of the people left once they ate. Its a thing of 'eat and leave' which is a little rude. Anyway, my comp and I wanted to support Alejandra, so we stayed and cleaned up after because the people who threw the shower didnt even stay to take the stuff down or clean. It's weird Dad, I dont get it. It's weird.

Sunday, my comp and I gave talks, and I taught Gospel Principles and she taught Reliefe Society. As you can tell, our Saturday night was spent planning. Well, as you know, we have major money problems right now. The new mission only likes to do reimbursements, so we use what we have, and wait two weeks for our money. Well, right now, we dont have anything really. I used my emergency money from the south mission to pay for our comedor. Its bien chafa. Anyway, in Hna.C's lesson about giving service, everyone was talking, until Hna.C said how we're kind of out of food. We dont have anything right now, and by the grace of God, were getting by. She said how on Thursday (its true) people gave her food during a lesson, and she hadnt eaten. Well, someone gave me cookies thursday, and i saved those suckers for breakfats. Well, the point is, Hna.C was basiacally asking for help, and the sisters didnt volunteer to help us, at all. One sister, who everyone roll stheir eyes at, it the only sister that invited us over. Her family is super awesome, and i when we ate lunch with her family yesterday, i fought my tears, because they dont have much. They dont have much but they fed us, even before they knew our problem. They invited us on saturday. It bothers me that people in the ward are alittle rude to this family. anyway, i am grateful

anyway, i havent been sick this week!
i love you Dad!
I want to tell you about the Temple!
When I was in Idaho for this last semester I was there, in the Winter, I was depressed Dad. I was incredibly depressed, and I went to the Temple often. I love the Temple, and i received so much help from going twice a week. I think people might have thought i was being zealous, like 'oh, i go to the Temple because i am more holy than you.. blah blah' but its because i was depressed. I felt terrible. I went once or twice a week, every week, because i needed help. I fasted a often. I am truly excited for you to go to the Temple. When you go, go with someone you know well. Tell the missionaries to tell Elder Fragiacomo, Lartey (if hes still there) Higby, if they can go with you. they let missionaries do that. The Temple is truly the House of God. I can't wait to go again here.

okay, i love you Dad.
Love your only little girl,
  Hna. Ramirez

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