Tuesday, July 23, 2013

8th July. Happy Independence Day!

Dad, i miss you. 
Dad, i'm alive. 
Dad, i'm tired. 
Dad, i love the OT and the NT so much. 
Dad, i am getting ice cream today!
Dad, we travel too much. 
Dad, i love my mission. 
It's Monday. 
okay, this week was crazy, but different from the last. 
MOnay, yeah, we had our last district meetings on our pday. the new mission has D meetings on WEDNESDAYS! YAY!

Tuesday, we worked hard, as usual. we met with Hno. A, and guess what! I conducted the lesson, and i just felt the Spirit all over that tin-roof house, that i invited him to be baptized. JULY 20TH baby! this guy is awesome. hes older, live in Mitch. 

Wednesday, i believe we worked.. we did. i just dont remember that day. 

Thursday, guess where we went. Really, take a guess. I want you to take a wild guess where we went Thursday... we schleped on back to Zacapa. Walking the streets of PB at 3:30 in the am, yeah, totally sketchy. more sketch this time since there were likike three drunk people lying faced down in the three with their bottles. were were fine. We met  our DL, Elder P y su comp, Elder A at the bus. We got to Zacapa, and met our new Pres. It was just our zone. Our zone is great. a few of us NOtres talked and i said HAPPY 4TH! some forgot. it not easy for me to forget, but next year, we'll see. we left, and my comps y yo ate this awesome (awesome then) tortilla thing. So delicious! it has so much food, but i was famished. we hopped a bus, this time without the elders, and went back to PB. FIVE HOURS.we got off the bus to go draw some money out, and Hna. C realized her card was gone. We found the bus and searched it to see if it fell out then, but it was nowhere. well, its unusual because i think it was stolen. im a total New Yorker, straight up. i leave nothing out of my sight. i think people here think i look down on PB because im cautious of my things, umm, no, im always like this. my stuff is my stuff, and especially my money, the mission's money, watch yourself. "Money, it's a crime share it fairly but don't take a slice of my pie ." well, its a goner. the place in her bag where it should have been, everything else is there, but her card. the bus ride home, i bet it happened there. Zacapa... bad things happen when we go there. ultimo vez, elder altino lost his camera on the ride home, we were stranded, now hna.C's card is a goner... like my social security fund. so now, she has no money at the moment. tomorrow theyre putting her Qs in my account.

the new mission rules and way they do the money is hard. hna. R, who was called to Argentina, does not get money through her card anymore, the mission wont pay her. its throgh the mail, but this is weird because were the most eat part of the mission, and mail seldom comes when it is suppose to. so, my comps, just hna.C actually, have been stressed out of their minds. for once, i am chill. im not freaking. i know ill be fine. if the mission messes up, i know we will be fine. hna. C is so stressed and doesnt hold it in, its hard to work with sometimes. she a great comp, i dont want her to stress. i have american $, a bit, and the Qs are worth so little, we can be fine with $20 for the week.

Friday we worked in my favorite area, Mitch. it was cool. I love it. the new mission rules say we must have a member with us after 5:30pm. this is a challenge because there are about 85 active members, and they have families and LIVES. a sister in MItch, i love her! she is always, ALWAYS willing to work with us. she was an Evangleical, and she has a mighty, MIGHTY testimony. i love her, she is the best. we worked with her three times this week! three, and she has a daughter. a golden member she is! we were in mitch at night, and well, we survived. im a pro Dad. mitch after 9 is sketch, but mitch around 7:45, ehh, not too much, but im cautious. i find places in my clothes to hide my money, its insane. im like a little vietcong warrior, finding ways that seem impossibleokay, were fine though. PB is safe, trust me. 

tell this to mom, im safe.our apartment has three locks. the front door to the building. the metal screened door has a legit lock, then our all metal front door has a legit lock. im fine. three isnt even necessary.

 anyway, i woke up Friday morning SUPER SICK! i believe on wednesday a family gave my a drink made iwth tap water, and then my comp thinks the tortilla from Thursday gt me sick. i was yarling and... other suff. it was bad. we actually stayed in the apartment unil 3, and i said, i want to work today. Hna.C was super stressed and encouraged me to not. she was sooo stressed that i dont think she felt like working. y i insisted. i felt blahh, but i wanted to work so much. finally, at 4pm, i must have pushed enough (rodas wanted to work thought as well) that we left for mitch. IN mithc, i stopped onthe side of the road and stood next to this HUGE goat, and was dry heaving. it was terrible. but what was funny was that the goat was looking at me, watching me. he stopped comiendo su chafa y me miro. everyone was watching me. the people there know we're missionaries. they see us all the time, and i bet they thought this was funny. well, i didnt yarl, so thats good. but i was so drained. THEN! we found this girl, and we taught her. she wants to learn, and she wants baptism! she seemd super depressed though. we asked her what blessing she has received, and she said nothing. i asked her si su familia es a blessing, and she looked away and dijo no. its sad. i want to help her. i love teen investigators, because i was them. fue dificil. 

SATURDAY was a huge day. we all three went on splits and taught about 11 lessons that day, in Mitch. Mitch is where it is third world looking. i feel like i am vague. PB is nice, some parts are blahh, but really, its not 3rd world ish. el colonia y mitch, si. barrios, no. 
we taught familia L saturday night and had Hna.C (our comedor) y su esposo, Pres.C, fuieron a la casa de familia Linares. Este leccion fue maravillosa! miramos la pelicula Jospeh Smith, prophet of the Restoration y ellos sentieron el Espiritu. Yo quiero que este familia son baptizara, pero, la madre no asiste la iglesia. pero, el padre y hija, asisten! y ayer, Domingo, Hna.Roday dijo que el padre estuvo llorando, un pocito, dos o tres lagrimas, durante reunion sacramental. Ayyy, ellos saben. es dificil, necesitamos Elder y Hna. Sparks hablar con ellos. Familia Sparks... ellos son misioneros ORO!!!

Sunday fue bien. mucho calor. ay! mucho! fue dificil porque yo use un vestido cafe, y el sol, necesitaba helado. 

Hoy, PDAY! yay! we went to Hna.C's for desayuno, y we ate cereal with hot milk. regular cereal, with hot sugary milk. my vida, so much yum yum its awesome!
my address, i thought i emailed it to you. 

Hermana Meghan M L Ramirez
Misión Guatemala Norte (Este)
Apartado Postal 951-A
Guatemala, Guatemala C.A

ill send you an email with my mission presidents number also. 
Hey, how is Home teaching? Good, i hope!!!!! Did you share your testimony? youre going to church yeah? hows your health? 
You didnt send the package... GREAT! send it to my new address! i'll get it in August i bet, like mid/end of august. mail coming to us in PB is a long process. chafa... 

Dad, you should come to pick me up from my mission, and i should show you Guate. its amazing. I love Guatemala so much. I love it! I am so grateful to be here. 

Please excuse my email que yo dije que yo sentia sola. no es verdad. yo tengo el Espiritu Santo. I love Guate, its an honor to serve here. 
I love you! be sure to address my stuff with my full name. all four of them, put all four of those suckers on it! there are many a Hna.Ramirez in this mission. 
 Hna. Ramramramramzzzzzzzz

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