Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1st July. that time I: nearly had my face consumed, was stranded in Teculutan, tried to hitchike, and chilled out with monkies AND a goat.

 i had a crazy week. 

Monday, i bought a bad pineapple. i just thought you should know.
Tuesday, we woke up at 1:45 am, got ready, and walked the streets on PB at 3am, in search of the bus headed to Zacapa. It was a 4hr bus ride, and we passed Tikal! it was cool. we stopped for gas, and we should have died Dad. the driver kept the van on and pumped the gas. I was the only one in the bus freaking out. i didnt freak too much, but i told my comp, we could burst into flames. But guess what... WE DIDNT! so, esta bien. 

we got the the zone conf., and it was mad boring. ughh, 4hr ride plus a 5hr conference that was all in spanish, such a long day. i understood about 2/3s of what was said, but i was soo exhausted, i tuned out at parts. i shouldnt have, it made it a waste, and pres. Stay is very knowldegable. anyway, like i said, it was a long day, that got even longer. okay, i will expound. 
so, we left Zacapa, and headed Teculutan to catch a bus back to PB. So, it was about 6pm-ish, and the got off in Teculutan. By the way, "we" is (my two comps) Hna. Ceballos, Hna. Rodas, myself, and our District leader Elder Pool, y su companero Elder Atlino. we got there, tried to catch a bus to pb, and guess what, there was one bus coming. It was FULL. no room for us, not even one. so we looked for a little bus7van that fits like 16 people (usually cramming 24), but there was NOTHING. so what did a bunch of hungry, tired missionaries do: we made a sign that read "puerto Barrios", and stood on the side of the rode. okay, teculutan is about 5hrs away from PR. Hna. Rodas made the sign, and Elder Pool y yo stood at the very edge or the calle, and i held the sign with elder pool next to my with his thumb up. he told me to put my hand up, so we tried our best to get attention. we both smiled, then frowned, then smiled, and jumped, danced. ughh, anyway. 

Elder P tried to remember where the elders in Tec. lived, so we all went to find their apartment. well, they werent home, so, Hna Rodas (i just LOVE her!) broke into their apartment. haha, it was surprisingly easy. tried to remember our zone leaders number, and called him. he said to have elder P y Altino stay the night there, and us hna.s go to the next town over that had hermanas and stay with them. so, we went out, all five of us (teculutan is super sketchy at night, super), in hopes of catching a bus there. well, we waited for about another hour, and nothing, NO buses. Hna. Ceballos was a little frustrated, like really frustrated, and i just was chill for some reason. 
our pres. really didnt have much to say about this whole thing, he really left it up to our ZL, which was tought for him because he only knew so much. it was a bit difficult. 

sowe went back to the elders apt, and they werent home, so we stayed there. then, we had nothing to do, and the ZL couldnt do much, so we searched for Elder y Hna. Sparks number. they are the BEST senior couple ever. theyre from utah, and they live in Chiquimula (1hr 30mins from Teculutan). we prayed that they werent asleep yet, because it was super late, SUPER. well, they answered, and said theyd come get us. they brought us back to Chiquimula. i love them. if it wasnt for them , i dont know where we would have slept. probably in the Capilla. 

Wednesday we took a bus from Chiquimula back to PB. four hrs. its brutal because they shuv as may people possible into buses here, and there is no air conditioning.

that day, we had a full day. we cmae home, showered, and then walked all the way to Mitch. Mitch is that area with the rusty bridge, and a bunch of chafa. it was a nice walk. anyway, in Mitch, there was a goat in the street. my comps were talking to a member and i knew nothing about the situation. so i stayed and braided the goats hair! he loved it! fear not, ihad purell.
Thursday was so hot! i sweat so much that day. We saw monkies in someones lawn!! i had Hna. Ceballos take a pic of me with them. they were hanging out in someones lawn, tied to a tree. taught a great lessonthat day, the Spirit was like, ALL OVER that cinder-block shack! its pretty sweet. i love good lessons!

Friday i was super pumped to teach our investigator, Hno. At., but he wasnt there. i was SO pumped because i was going to give him an LdM, and maybe invite him to baptism. well, his neighbor (our other investigator) saw us, and invited us to talk with her and her daughted. her daughter has the CUTEST baby! so adorable! well, her daughter wants to receive lessons. So, yay!

Saturday we went to teach that lady's daughter, but her landlord wouldnt let us in. her landlord said were a cult, "¡secta! ¡secta!" she shouted. fine, we sat outside and taught. Well, we found out, the girl is only 15, adn her baby is a year old. we tried to teach her to pray, but she is afraid to pray! she cries, like balls, every single time. we tried to have her pray twice, but she cant make it through without stopping. its so sad, i really want to help her. her name is jennifer.

Sunday morning we walked to get jennifer for church, and then another lady, then had to back track 23 blocks for another family. church starts at 9am, we left the apt at 7am. well, the family totallt ditched us. ugh! so upsetting. okay, i was sad, but more ticked (i shouldnt have been) because not only did they break our promise, but had us walk about 20mins out of our way to get them for nothing. it was 95F that morning by the way, at 8am. well, i need to chill. i just wish people didnt blow us off. we're busy, and we are for a reason, and that is why we walked about 35 calles total that morning. its because we want people to receive blessings, and they dont understand it. oh well. i love my mission! for real! this is the LORD's work.

well, today was pday, and i have to go. Today marks two months in the mission for me, and, today is the first day in the GUATEMALA CITY EAST MISSION!
I have the new address:
Hermana Meghan M L Ramirez
Misión Guatemala Norte
Apartado Postal 951-A
Guatemala, Guatemala C.A
i know it says north mission, but its not a problem. its my new address, so tell the ward to change it. let people know. 
i miss you Dad. ive been reading Acts, and i just love it. anyway, 
i miss you. i am so proud you will receive the Preisthood in October. soon, youll go to the Temple, yeah! YAY!

 i love you dad. i miss you and i keep your story about boot camp in my mind when it gets tough. read this email to the family, especially mom, i dont think she hears from me much, i try!
i love you dad! ill send you a seperate email with pics!
Hermana Ramirez!

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