Monday, May 5, 2014

ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, minerva is far awayyyy (MY AMERICAN COMP AND I)

I was changed out. yep, it happened. i felt like Minerva was the highlight of my mission, and i didnt feel the shock of the change until la hna.varela and i rolled up (fashionably late) in the taxi to the stake center in Molino. I saw Hna.Gomez, Hna. Ynjo, and the light of my guatemalan smog filled life, that darn Hermana Edwards. tha tgirl is so crqazy. anyway, she took my old area, she is sleeping in my old bed! Dang it Edwardsita! I love that girl, we split Puerto Barrios back in the day. Anyway, i knew it was true, becasue she had to come to minerva at one point, but her and i being in minerva, or even the same zone, at the same time... too darn good to be true. que freaking lastima.
   so, i re-read luke 10, and verses 16-18... wow. i like 18. Anyway. i have read that bhapter about 5 times this week.
   So i am in zona la laguna (mission name) but im in zona 18 in la capital. yep, i like seeing the fun and beauty that life in the 18 has to bring. you wont understand unless you've been there. sorry, closed club type of thing. ill tell you when i get home.
    MY COMPANION IS MAERCIAN! AHH! Wehn the assistant told me i had an american comp waiting for me, i heard Handls Messiah in my head. Could it be true? really, i would be so blessed to have an american comp. the last one i had was my darling Hermana hutchins, and now i have Hermana Feik. Okay, my comp is awesome. She is from Oregon. She was telling me about her life (i asked her about 100 questions about her life) in Oregon. She sadi that she got a revolver for christmas...i thought... wow, my comp is packing heat. but not anymore. She is awesome. she went to byu idaho also! she is actually nice enough to ask me how i am doing! Wow right? i felt like i have had somebody ask me how i was in a long long time.
   I miss my old house in minerva, mailny becasue of the view. I felt like sarah palin, because i could see memebers houses from my roof. I can see the zomna 15 from my house! sorry russia, zona 15 is pretty spiffy.
   i was reading our search for happiness, by elder ballard, and i was thinking about when we teach the first lessonthe restoration. well, i always mention how baptism withour authority isn the way the Lord wants it. When Christ established his church, it was in order. Well, i was watching people lined up getting baptized here in my new area, in the streets (not in our church). I thought, que lastima, dont owrry, one day you will be baptized by authority. i thought about it, and when i was baptized as a child, like 7yrs old. i was just doing what i knew at that point, to be correct. I see people as my brothers. these are just people, doing their best with what they have. How can i not try to help them? I know what i know, and i am doing the best with what i have, so when people come against us, as missionaries (happened a bit this week), i dont think they understand that we are doing this out of love. Just as other missionaries are doing it out of love (from other religions). This is a work of love, not a competition. The moment that this becasuse a competition, it is in vain, and offensive to do it in the name of Christ. I love this work, and everybody in this earth, is doing the best with what they know. i am here to teach, and open their doors to a new life. people that steal and commit crimes, they might be judged and hated by many, but do we know the reasons why they are the way they are? the conditions here are rough. understanding is love.

i love you Dad, take care!
 Read Doctrine and Covenants 112!

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