Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This was the communication from Hermana Ramirez we received May 1st:

DAD! I love you so much... in case you didnt know. So, I still havent slept well at all, i no sleep on the airplane, and so i have been going since i left you. it is 7pm may 1st right now, so 9pm NY time. Havent stopped since. i am exhausted. mi companera is sooo sweet. Hermana Moise, she i great! i am so happy she is my comp.
GUATE is awesome... from what ive seen. this keyboard is different, so excuse typos, im typing fast, i only have 10 mins.
It is humid, actual moisture in the air... UNLIKE Idaho! I love it. I am smelly and am dying for a shower.
A few sisters I met are headed to Nicaragua, and I get soooo excited when i hear that. I cannot help but say "oooh! my family es from there! I am soo happy for you, and i am a smidgen envious." there are natives here, too, so they dont understand smidge or smidgen.
Tell Ben I love him. I love you and Mom, Rudy, and maybe Brandon... maybe. Ha, i am joking, tell them i him i havent broken any glass tables yet... yet i said.
anyway, on my way to LA i sat in front of Mandarin speakers, and at first i thougt it was cool, but they they got super annoying and i just wanted to say bizue (i think thats the pinyin for shutup). I am still stuck in Mandarin mode.
okay, later!  Bye
 Hermana Ramirez!!!!

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  1. hey, this is Meghan's friend Leslie!
    I have a question. If I want to email her to MTC..
    do I select Guatemala City south or Guatemala MTC on dearelder.com?