Thursday, May 30, 2013

Received May 8th 2013

Entonces, it is humid here!! My companion is super sweet, Hermana Moise, I love her. My roommies are cool. I cant talk to you on Mamas day, I am so sorry.
Let me tell you about life at the CCM (MTC - empty sea).
We, my comp and I, are teaching a guy named Raul Ruiz. Unlike in Provo, they have real investigators here becaue there aren't many members, so we are teaching him. He was surprised to find out the family are members.
There are a bunch of peolpe here that are going to Nicaragua on their missions and I get so happy when I hear that. I tell them I'm a bit envious of them, just a smidgen.
The food here is soo good. I am gonna gain tons of weight. the only thing i dont like is that the "tostones" they serve with breakfats and are sweet... SWEET. You dont like the sweet tostones, sooo weird. salt it up! Please!
Spanish is slwoly, but surely coming back to me. I would rather be speaking Chinese still, but oh well. Guate is pretty cool.I know more Spanish, but chinese is STILL easier for me, way easier. Spanish is cool, I guess.
I have good teachers here, they're sweet and nice to be around. They are encouraging and sometimes pretty funny.
    There are two elders with the last name Ramirez. When we see eachother I say " Mi primos!" and they say "Oye, Hermana Ramirez, mi primaaaa!!!" and give each other high fives and stuff. It's so funny dad, I love being around Latinos!
AGAPE - thats why I'm here. Honestly, the ccm in super lame, well. Okay, I am inside ALL day, I hate it. Food is good, people are sweet, teachers are great, nice facilities, but I am inside all day, for 6 weeks. I want to just the wall. MUST TEAR DOWN THE WALL! haha :)
We are gated in with huge metal gate, and I saw one of the guards carrying a gun. I can't wait to get out of here, I kind of, don't really like it. Theres this song, by the band Cults called "Go Outside", yeah, thats my song. I really wanna go out, I really wanna go outside...
Ive been reading Hebrews and i forgot howmuch i love Hbrews. Hebrews 8:6-7 are great verses about the new law with the Atonement.
Hey, so dont put anything on packages, no Mary, no Jesus, NOTHING.
The Temple here is pretty small, but nice. We went yesterday.

I love you Dad!

Love ,

Hermana Ramirez

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