Monday, September 29, 2014


this week was so great!

juan, our investigador with a pretty rough backround, told us that he wants to move his baptismal fecha up. we saw him again on sunday and he said how he sees how much he has changed, and that when he gets tempted he just opens up to the scriptures. he asked us for another copy of the book of mormon to give to his friend, and he also wants another copy of the bible to give out as well. Juan, seriously, just makes me so happy, i almost cant believe how much he has progress. hermana guillen have seen him change and repent right before our eyes, and it makes me so proud.the only thing is we think he might need an interview with the misison president, and i know he doesnt like to wait. chill out juan, tranquilo hombre. 

we visited claudia (an inactive member) and we thought we lost this family. they were sealed in the temple, and now turned away from the church. claudia told us she stated going to another church, and i felt pretty sad bcause they were sealed in the temple, that isnt just something to turn away from. well, we went wednesday night and i just asked her how her new church was and if they take the Sacrament. she was puzzled and said no, and then we started the lesson about el espiritu santo, and in the middle she asked us "what do you both think about evangelicals?" i told her how i felt, because i was evangelical, and i even mentioned how dad was going to be a pastor. i love evangelicals, so whatever. wel, then she just changes her look on the face and blurts out that she feels so confused because her church doesnt have the sacrament, and she knows that it is a commandment to take the bread and wine in memory of Christ. Well, we got her back! she is reading the bok of mormon again, and she is praying. weve been teaching out of the bible to her, and when we mention the book of Mormon and use it in lessons, she doesnt get upset. I think they will need time, but i know they will come back!some patiene and time .

I did divisions with the sisters from Lomas, and the sister did great. she has finish her training, and she is a great missionary. we found a new investigador and put a baptismal fecha with her! It was awesome. i also did divisions with the sister from los Olivos. the sister i went with is actually the mision nurse. i love this hermana so much, i can truly see that she works with her heart. she did great.  we had an evocative conversation, and i could feel the love she has for her area and her frustration. i love divisions! I learn so much!

take care and have a great week!

con carino, 
 hermana Ramirez

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