Monday, July 14, 2014

it's not me, it's you... The Break Up

Mom and Pop,

  hows it going out in the land of the free? Is it hot and humid? I don't miss that too much about ny in the summer, but i guess i couldn't get too far from the humidity- being that it is the rainy season right now. hey, lets not talk about the weather, i am sorry. 

did you hear about the earthquake? probably not. i don't know why, because it was a freaking 7.2 quake, but nobody wrote me to see if i was alive. i'll tell myself that y'all just didnt hear about it, so that is why nobody asked about if i was, yeah. anyway, i woke up last monday at 5am, and heard all this water moving, gushing water, and i thought a pipe had broke. i sat up in my bed and looked around and saw everything swaying from side to side. i realized the water was the fountain that is in our house, and all the water gushed over the sides. it was crazy and awesome. i was prepared, i have my 72 hour kit.. it's full of snickers. 

we've been taking the ward directory around and finding people we dont know. we found this family of six, and the father is a high priest. we searched for them, and the second time... we found them! they love us too. the daughter came to church on sunday and a ton of people came up and we talking to her and made plans to hang out! I am so proud of the ward for welcoming her back. next sunday  i hope the whole family comes. they are sweet!

okay, lets get to the break up! remember hermanito.a? well, fíjese que we dropped him. no more, until he calls us back. we love this kid so much, seriously, it hurt to drop him. it's just, if we keep visiting him, and he doesnt progress, we can go back because we'll be numbing him to the importance of acting on faith, and the importance of our purpose as missionaries in trying to help people progress and make covenants with our Heavenly Father. We are working still with his aunt, hermanita.g and she is progressing so much! she is still working for her baptismal date for the 26th of july! she is so amazing. she said how she can see herself changing, and it is so beautiful watching people come closer to our Father in Heaven by repenting and preparing to make sacred covenants. I feel like a proud parent, watching their child grow up into an awesome person! I love hermanita.g so much!

we saw the inactiva lady, Hermana.G this week. she is the one with ms, and she is so amazing. we were visiting her and all of a sudden she breaks down crying. before i tell you why, let me share more about her. her husbands drnks and is drunk a majority of the time, her son chooses to not have a social life and insists on taking care of her (which makes her sad), and she cannot speak claerly even though she spoke four languages fluently. she is lonely and cries a lot. well, she started crying and saying how grateful she is, because she says that everything she asks in prayer, she gets it. she says she doesnt understand why there are suffering people all over the world, and when she asks for something, she receives it. she says how grateful she is, but she feels sad for the rest of the people. she said "how can i tell somebody that Jesus loves them, when they dont even have a bed to sleep in, andi have everything i need?" I love this woman, so much. we are secretly best friends. the thing is, she doesnt know it yet. 

Apparently i have a different accent. some people say i sound like i am from brazil, and others say i am from portugal. they think im from brazil sometimes, and i dont understand it. anyway, this one family said i speak strange, but not like a gringa, which is cool, not sounding like a gringa, but, they laughed at me obnoxiously. oh well, i guess if people think i speak like a strange brazilian, i just think  'thou sayest.' i should give portuguese a try some time. 

there hasnt been rain for a while, so oh well. im living it up, but saturday it came down hard, i wasnt expecting it. oh, germany won mundial, and all of guate wept. the majority of people wanted argentina. i secretly wanted germany, but didnt tell peolpe because many people get offended over little things here and i didnt want to offend. 


Hermana ramirez 

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