Monday, June 9, 2014


i hope you dont have too strong of an 80's Scorpions flash back reading that title, but.. its true. 

as a missionary, one is left to be very ignorant. yes, it is true, well, in matters of the worl that is. We dont have tv, radio, internet, so we dont know when there is a hurrincane or not. well, last monday, apparently tere was a hurricane, and we didnt know. so we followed our usual routine, and walked to the mall, and it is about 2 or 3km, not too far. well, it was raining super hard, and windy, andi was like... oh, its just guate. well, fijese que no. it was a hurricane, and we triumphed. yep, good times, good times. it explains why the mall was basically empty. 

somethings i can remember from my week. well, lets see, it was an interesting week. we had a hard day, and nobody, like NOBODY would receive us except this one inactive sister. well, we went an visited her, and she gave us platano cocido con frijol y crema! puchis, tan rico. pues, now quedamos alla con ella, y miramos el video Gracias a El from here is the link to watch it in english So, she started sharing her testimony of Christ, and she starts crying. anyway, this siter is awesome, becasue she just started coming back to church, and her mom in just a doll. they are so sweet, the whole family. anyway, the father was a high priest and left the church, and really detests the Church, and we feel very uncomfortable when he is htere. well, listening to this isters testimony, just warmed my heart!

We tried to visit a less active sister that hates us. anyway, she lives in an apartment building and didnt come down to let us out. we were locked in the building for 30mins. yep. i love it!

sorry, i didnt plan my time well. i gotta go!

 Hermana Ramirez 

ps. the assistants came and visited our planning session, and they found me being immature and taking tin foil and making grills. here is a pic 

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